Simulation hardware and software solutions

Hyperdrive was conceived in 1997, pioneering gaming simulation cockpits and has gone on to become an innovator in affordable cockpit simulators used for sim racing, which in recent years has become a very popular gaming entertainment and vehicle esports racing community.

With its success, in 2013 Hyperdrive partnered with the world’s leading gaming console company Sony PlayStation in Australia. Since that time Hyperdrive has established a close working partnership to release all the latest PlayStation racing/driving games and eyewear technology, together with developing esports and TV Esports E-series in Australia.

During this time Hyperdrive has been developing its business in the professional driving simulation market, manufacturing compact driver training, and research systems for commercial and university research.

With a high focus on the future of simulation, in late 2020 Hyperdrive partnered with AV Simulation to become the first commercial distributor in Australia to offer AV Simulation and service and products.

AV Simulation is a joint-venture that was originally founded by Oktal – part of Sogeclair Group and now Oktal Sydac – and Renault in 2017 combining 30 years’ experience in engineering, simulation, automotive domain knowledge, and financial stability.

The Sogeclair group brought the vehicle dynamics model “CALLAS prosper” from its special vehicle entity SERA Engineering as well as mechanical engineering capabilities while Renault transferred its stake in SCANeR™, the open modular and scalable driving simulation and validation platform.

Renault onboarded AVSimulation building the most advanced driving simulator ever built on ROADS – Renault optimization Autonomous Driving Simulator and to address massive simulation and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous features.

Hyperdrives philosophy has always been to provide the best in design and quality, this is the same philosophy that our partner companies have in offering the latest in technology.

Hyperdrive experience and partnership with world-leading companies offer our customers the best in gaming and professional simulation technology.

Hyperdrive is proud to be at the forefront with AV Simulation, offering the latest technology for drivers to interact on road networks and different terrains using car trucks, bus simulation for planning/training, and research scenarios.

Hyperdrive is an established and well respected, all Australian owned and operated company, manufacturing in South Australia.
Hyperdrive was established in Adelaide, Australia in 1999 and is a division of Hyperdrive Australia Pty Ltd.

Australian made research driving simulator